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Teddys Lookout

Type Coastal hills
Conditions SSE-ESE
Height 110m / 350ft asl
Rating PG5 / PG4 supervised by PG5 / HG Advanced - not recommended
Above Lorne, about 70km SW of Geelong.

Drive to Teddys Lookout and park in the car park. About halfway to the lookout a wide track goes back down the hill towards town. Launch is about 50m down this track on your right. You can walk down the very steep embankment or follow a much easier faint track from near the turnoff.


GORCC managed land


Dynasoarers , Rob van der Klooster (0408 335 559), Peter Hannah (0422 148 545), Jan Bennewitz (0423 139 923)




This small tree slot launch requires advanced launch skills but offers some spectacular flying in the right conditions. Not recommended for HG due to a very tight launch and limited, potentially crowded, landing options.

You're invited to bring a folding saw and clear any sweet pittosporum, boneseed or other invasive weed you can confidently identify. Please also clean up any rubbish and broken glass.


Launch is tight and doesn't allow for much of a run. In a light wind make sure you clear the gum trees in front.


The best bombout option is probably the grassy shelf on the ocean side of the Great Ocean Road on the left below launch. Familiarise yourself with the bombout before flying the site for the first time. If you get high enough over launch to clear the rotor on the left of the headland you can land on Lorne beach if not crowded or continue to Aireys Inlet. These beaches can get very crowded in the summer months. It is your responsibility to keep a safe distance from people when landing. If you head down the coast to the right there are several small landable beaches along the coastline.


Flights to Aireys Inlet to the NE and to Apollo Bay to the SW are possible from here. If heading towards Apollo Bay be aware that conditions can change in strength and direction on the way.

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