South Australia

Sellicks Beach

Site photo
Type Coastal ridge / cliff
Conditions NW- WSW (best WNW)
Height 200' / 60m
Rating HG Intermediate, PG2
1 km south of Sellicks Beach shop. 45km south of Adelaide.


Onkaparinga Council




Coastal ridge/cliff.


Cliff style launch. Caution strong winds and cross winds.


Incoming tide can make beach landing tight. No top landings for HG: very tight, even on floaters. PG top landing with caution - tight.


Occasional convergence lift near this site. Also beware approaching wind changes from SW-SE.

Good site for PG.

Hazards / Comments

Power line and tree behind launch. Beware of beach users when landing. Beach becomes narrow/sloping near high tide. Beware rotor while approaching edge to launch. In summer (Dec - Mar), vehicle permits are required to drive on beach ($6) - see here. In strong conditions top landing may become impossible due to lift.