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Dalby Aerodrome

Type Aerotowing
Height 1131ft / 345m
Darling Downs South East Qld.

Ground access to the aerodrome is via Nicholson Street, which is a right turn at the Dalby High School off the main Dalby through road on the south-western side of the Town Centre. Proceed to the end of Nicholson Street and turn left.

Landowners - ?


Dalby HG Club


Dalby Aerodrome is an unlicensed aerodrome (CTAF 126.7). It is situated in CLL FL125 airspace. Our effective ceiling is at 10'000'amsl or 8869'agl.

UHF 19 Tone Squelch 97.4 or the SAFA channels are used.

DHGC are an Aerotow Hang Gilding Club (the only known one of its type in the world). Due to the flat land black soil plains, the XC potential is enormous and offers some of the most consistent year round soaring available that you may ever find.

The club is open to aerotow endorsed pilots. A yearly competition has been held for many years and all who may wish to come and fly this soaring Mecca are welcome.

We have no knowledge or experience of any restricted/no landing areas at all. Though the 'dump Wedgie' does lay claim to some airspace.

The only other known restricted flying areas we have are those that relate to the typical airspace restrictions: and the designated military airspace at Oakey Military CTR, D652, R665, R643A, R643B, R643C being in closest proximity to the Dalby aerodrome with Toowoomba (TWB) CTAF R and the Amberley Military CTR and associated airspace also further east.