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Arthurs Seat

Type Large Coastal Hill
Conditions W - NW
Height 850'/260m asl
Rating Advanced, HG only
Near Dromana, Mornington Penisula, 50km S of Melbourne.

Follow the Arthurs Seat Rd up to Chapmans Point parking bay. Take the walking track down to the Matthew Flinders Monument. Take off is situated 20 metres to the left. Melways Map 159 D11.


Parks Victoria

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MHGC , Skyhigh


The National Parks Act 1975, Part 1, 4(a)(iii)provides for the use and enjoyment of those parks by the public for inspiration, solitude and appropriate self-reliant recreation.

This site is managed by Parks Victoria under the National Parks Act 1975. This site has been temporarily prohibited for use by Parks Victoria. Should you choose to launch from this site you may be in breach of the National Parks (Park) regulations 2003, Part 2, section 44(2) "A person must not, in a Park- (a) launch or land an aircraft."


A sheer rock ledge with a natural set up area. Wire assist is required. If the mountain is 'on', invariably the launch is crossed.


There is no bombout, the nearest landing is Dromana Beach approx 1.5km. The beach is not very wide, particularly at high tide. However there are wider sections further along toward the lighthouse.


Make sure conditions are perfect before flying here, otherwise you may not make the beach. Only high performance gliders should be flown here.

Hazards / Comments

No close landing area. The flight out towards the landing area is not as hard as it looks, a Westerly wind is cross to your line of flight, rather than a headwind. If conditions are good, expect to lose around 500' on the way out and arrive over Dromana township with around 1000'.